NC LLC "Spas-center" important events
Participation in competitions in emergency r... 05.02.2021 Acceptance of fire protection systems at the... 15.01.2021 Routine maintenance work in the quarantine b... 27.11.2020 NC “DV SPAS-CENTER” LLC SPECIAL... 12.11.2020 AWARDING OF THE NC “DV SPAS-CENTERR... 06.11.2020 ON-SITE TRAINING SESSION THE PROJECT “... 30.10.2020 THE TRAINING SESSION ON THE TERRITORY OF THE... 29.10.2020 The training session on-site OP “Amur ... 01.10.2020 Start of works on the project OP “Gyda... 24.09.2020 Video report on training sessions (Sakhalin-... 30.08.2020 Planned training sessions at the Sakhalin-2 ... 11.08.2020 The training session on the territory of the... 16.07.2020 THE FIRST STAGE OF THE COMPETITION FOR THE T... 04.04.2020 Firefighters and rescuers are transferred to... 04.04.2020 Opening of works on the Sakhalin OP project 12.02.2020 Transfer of a new car at the site of the Amu... 31.01.2020 Exercises of NC LLC “SPAS-CENTER”... 28.01.2020 Maintenance of fire automation systems quali... 29.12.2019 NC LLC “SPAS-CENTER” TRAINING – May 28... 14.12.2019 PLANNED TRAINING SESSIONS AT THE AMUR GAS PR... 25.11.2019 NC LLC “SPAS-CENTER” TRAINING – Nov. 2... 22.11.2019 NC LLC “SPAS-CENTER” TRAINING – Nov. 1... 11.11.2019 NC LLC “SPAS-CENTER” TRAINING – Nov. 8... 08.11.2019 1ST PLACE IN THE COMPETITION “FIRE DEPARTMEN... 14.10.2019 PARTICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL EXERCISES AT ... 16.09.2019 NC LLC “SPAS-CENTER” TRAINING – Sept. ... 05.09.2019 MAINTENANCE WORKS AT THE SITE OF AMUR GPP te... 18.08.2019 NC LLC “SPAS-CENTER” TRAINING – June 1... 13.06.2019 ACCEPTANCE FOR MAINTENANCE OF NIZHNY NOVGORO... 25.05.2019 ACCEPTANCE FOR MAINTENANCE OF THE OMSK REFIN... 30.03.2019
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682851, Khabarovsk region, Vaninsky district, Toki village, Green 19 street
Far East office:
Borzdova Natalia Aleksandrovna
Commercial Director
Moscow office:
124445, Moscow, st. Smolnaya 24B, 10
Litvinov Mikhail Yurievich
Mikelson Irina Nikolaevna
Deputy Head
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